My Hobbies

I am a hyper enthusiastic being, Always trying to learn new things,  but here are some that I am kind a good at 😜. 

  • Singing :I am super passionate about singing. 
  • App development : This is the hobby that I can can proud at. I had developed a Windowsphone app (Here’s the link). Now trying for the Android. 
  • Seminar : I am some how new in this field,  but after a successful one I am kinda interested for a next one. 
  • Blogging : Obviously enough, I also have a great urge to be a professional blogger. 
  • Gaming : Frankly, Gaming is my life. Except PC & PS gaming, Mobile games are also my favorite.  Specially Clash of clans.  An amazing game by the way.  We have a clan “The Devastators”. 
  • Sketching : Wooo, I have a great attraction towards painting. Specially the Pencil Sketchs. Some of my sketchs are here. 
  • Dancing: Not good at it,  but am learning & Will be good at it eventually. 

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